Friday, April 27, 2007

My First Stencil

That video I posted a few days ago of the artist stenciling inspired me, but I was so caught up in crocheting, I didn't think I would begin a new craft so soon. Today, I was looking through my boyfriend's magazine (it was Maxim) and I came across a stencil artist that is not only amazing at stenciling, but he's also amazingly stealthy (he smuggled some of this art into some New York museums!).

Here's one of Banksy's (the featured artist in the magazine) famous works:

So we asked our cook, who's also an artist, if he knew how to stencil and his reply, "Oh my gosh, that's so easy! It's all in the shadows!" Those few words made me produce this.

It was a newspaper clipping of some politician, I forget his name, and no, it's not George Bush as everyone thought it was today. I just did exactly as the cook told me to...just cut out the dark parts. Now the black parts are the easy part, but you also want to cut out some of the gray parts (if it's not a 100% black and white photo...which is what I recommend if this is your first stencil). I also spray painted it to test out the stencil and also so you can see it a little better.

It's a fairly easy project to do, very cost efficient and extremely addicting!

A few tips:

- Get a black and white photo (can be a newspaper/magazine clipping, a photo you took yourself, or a picture you got offline). A completely black and white photo (no grayscale here!) is recommended, but not required.
- Use very, very sharp x-acto knife. You can find some high quality blades at an art supply store or even a hardware store. Just make sure it's really sharp and pointed for those fine details
- Heavy paper. If you can, photo copy your image onto some heavy paper. It's not very easy cutting small details onto newspaper (it tears very easily).
- Enjoy! This is a really fun project and once you finish your first one, you'll want to make another, so make sure you set aside a bit of time for this project!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Craftster feedback

I'm so excited. Last night, I decided to share my picture of the last crochet cupcake (with my kitty, Mr. Diva) on the very awesome, and inspiring website, And guess what I went back today to find, 4 comments on it! I've posted on the website before, but no feedback...then again, the project kind of sucked. lol. Oh well. Anyway, I'm so exicted.

As for my crochet goods, I'm currently working on a super cool (at least I hope so) Nintendo DS case. I made one the other day, but I'm not 100% satisfied with it so far...Hopefully the next one will be nice. I'm also hoping that I finally get my lazy butt to try making another banana. (I've already made one, but again, I'm not 100% on the 2nd one will hopefully be better)

Anyway, I'll try to have some pictures of my stuff for you as soon as I can. But, for now, it's time to sleep. Good night!

Oh yes, if you're looking to download some nice happy upbeat songs, I suggest you check out The Fratellis - Flathead or really, any of their songs...I just downloaded it on iTunes. =)

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Moldy Never Looked so Good

This is so cute! I wish I could take the credit for this little spoiled treat, but I can't. The good news is that unlike me, this person knows how to create pattern and shares it with us all. Click here to see the pattern. For those of you that don't know how to crochet, or how to read patterns, I think the picture just about does it for me.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Earth Day

Oh goodness, I can't believe I used to watch this show almost religiously... But, with all this hype about Earth Day (Kudos to everyone, I've never seen so much hype about Earth Day), I remembered Captain Planet.

Anyway, in celebration of Earth Day, here's a little project you can feel good about. (And it's cheap!) I'll have to attempt this project again...the first (and last time) I did this, my sister and I used some old newspaper and well, I have no idea what happened. It just didn't turn out great. Oh well, I think I was like 7 and my sister was 11 or something. lol. Gosh that was a while ago. =(

A little inspiration for you

I was going through some YouTube videos hoping I could find a few good vids about crochet or something like that, but instead, I stumbled upon this, and well, I'm more than happy. I'm definitely going to attempt to stencil some things in the near future. I'll try to get as good as this guy! lol.

If you have some informative or just plain fun videos that you'd like to share with us, just email me the video (or the link).

Saturday, April 21, 2007


Today, I took a little break from making cupcakes and decided to go a slightly different route... A mushroom. Ok, so it's going to be like the same shape, but hey, I'm trying to make some sort of piggy bank or container thing, and that shape happens to work very well with the plan. I'll post a picture when I'm all done.

Anyway, this is going to be my 50th entry in Being Domestic and well, I'm pretty proud. I've accomplished quite a few things since the beginning of the project and it's only been about 3 months! I've baked bread, threw a party (without the help of my parents!), learned to crochet and make little toys, made some sock monkies...duct tape wallets... Just imagine what will come in the next 50 entires!

You may not be seeing too much of me in the next week or so because I'll be busy working most of the time and during my time off, I'm trying to work on a more expanded website for this blog. (I even bought the domain already!) So keep checking back to see when the website will launch (I'm hoping it'll be within the next two weeks or so) and in the meantime, add me as your friend at Myspace.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Another Crochet Cupcake

Ok, I know, I know, all I've been showing lately are cupcakes, but hey, who doesn't love them? It's bite sized cake! But really, I'm just trying to perfect it. This one here that my trusty assistant, Mr. Diva, is holding is about half the size of the last crochet cupcake. Instead of putting scallops on the edge of the cupcake, I tried to create some sort of edge at the bottom so that the cake part would hang over the cup just a little. And it worked until it got stretched out a little. And instead of a plain cake with a cherry on top this time, I put a little sort of glaze there and I really like the result. All in all, I'm really happy with this result, but next time, I have to find a way to stuff it better.

Yesterday, I made an ice cream cone and it turned out really well. I was at my boyfriend's house when I did it, so I didn't have the pillow stuffing I usually use. Instead, I used a sock and it came out really sturdy! Just not very squishy. I should find some sort of medium. Anyway, I gave it to my cousin for her 14th birthday but I didn't get to take a picture of it... Sorry! But I'll take one next time I see her, or maybe I'll just make another one.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Myspace Just Got Domestic

I think it might be a little overdue, but I finally got a Myspace account for my blog just so we can spread some domestic joy around a little more. I'm still working on the layout and stuff so it doesn't look so lame, so excuse the plain jane look of it. What can I do? I can't escape the name.

Anyway, if you would like to be my friend, which you're more than welcome to, just add me!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

One Delicious Beanie

This morning, (actually, it's yesterday morning, I haven't realized how late it is!) I decided to take a break from crochet toy foods and make something a little more a beanie. Well, I was off to a good start, but after about the 12th row, I realized that the beanie was coming out just a tiny bit too small for an adult head (especially mine!). I must have skipped a few TOO MANY stiches. By that time, I had already spent about 2 hours crocheting (on and off) and I wasn't going to waste it! So, I decided to turn it into a jumbo cupcake and well, I think it turned out good!

I applied the little scallop design to the edge that I discovered a few days ago. I think it gives it a nice dainty touch and looks more finished.

I didn't have a pattern for the bottom, so I decided to improvise as I went along. I crocheted a circle slightly smaller than the circumference of the top, crochet only the front loop when it was the right size to make it bend upwards and then continued crocheting only adding a few stiches to some of the rows, but for the most part, I kept it the same amount of stiches throughout.

Then, of course, I added my signature pom pom cherry on top, stuffed, and sewed it together. Voila! Another plush cupcake from yours truly and this time, it's crochet! I'm on my way to some quality amigurumi!

Monday, April 16, 2007

The Joy of Soy

I've been a little afraid to try these nutrition bars that have been sitting on the coffee table for about a week now because I'm not sure whose it is...but mostly because well, I love good food, and from my experience, healthy food...doesn't always taste good. So today, I had a late lunch, which made me pretty hungry by 10:00 pm. I got a little desperate since I didn't want to eat a whole meal and I tried one of those bars. I got to choose from Mango Coconut, Apple, and Berry (I checked their website and they have one more flavor available which is Raisin Almond). So, I tried Mango Coconut since Apple and Berry seem like such generic flavors. The result, not bad at all! So I went ahead and tried the other two bars (they're relatively small) and they're pretty good too. I mean, don't get me wrong, they certainly taste healthy, but this is one healthy snack that I wouldn't mind, after fresh fruits of course. If you're going to try it, I recommend the Mango coconut, it was pretty packed with flavor.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Almost Crochet Goodies

I just finished making my first attempt at a crochet cupcake and an ice cream cone. Well, considering I've been crocheting for about a week and it's my first attempt, it's pretty good... But I think I can do better. I just found a site with some promising links to free food inspired crochet patterns. I would give you the link to my ice cream pattern, but I think I'll save it for when I find a really good one. Or maybe when I learn how to create my own. I think my next little project will be a beanie just to take a little break from plush food. A small...very small break.

Chinese Baking School Results

Oh the joys of waking up early to sit in semi traffic on the way to El Monte (which is about 15 minutes--without traffic past Downtown L.A.). But really, if it weren't for the long drive, school today was wonderful. I was beginning to wonder if a skill like baking could even be taught since my experience with my current teacher (at another school) was just...well, horrible. Anyway, I'm glad to say that this teacher actually loves to teach... She's always offering tips and little tricks to make my life a litter easier, she didn't yell at me in frustration, or stress out about time management at all, actually, she told me to eat what the other class (which my mom is in) was making and relax while we let the cakes cool.

Ok, enough of the chat... You all want pictures!

Pandan and Coconut Roll and a Lemon Roll (they look weird because I left them in the plastic wrap because well, it would have lost its shape. I'm not good at rolling them, but after the plastic wrap it looks like I am!

Taro Filled Yellow Cake with some flowers and this "W" design kind of thing that I made. Yay!

Here's some Dimsum my Mom made. Clockwise from the top left: Pork Shumai, "Shark Fin" Dumpling (it just looks like a shark fin), and Beef Shumai. And they're all good! No MSG here!

I also made Tiramisu, but I didn't get to take a picture of it...sorry!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

As Requested by Mae

Today at work, we were dividing the box of fortune cookies into smaller bags so it's easier to grab them when we need to restock in front at the register. Then my little cousin, Mae, wondered where and how the origin of the fortune cookie came about. I assumed it was some kind of old Chinese tradition, but after doing a little bit of research, I found that it was nothing I would have guessed.

Many of the sites I read all have the same story.. The actual origin of the fortune cookie is from California. Apparentely there's a big fight about whether it's actually from San Francisco or Los Angeles. Being a native Angeleno, you can take a wild guess of where I'm siding with... But either way, I'm glad it's from California!

If you're interested in more of the history, you can check out this page: Info Please: Fortune cookies

Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday the 13th

Happy Friday the 13th! Hope you all don't experience any terrible coincidental luck!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Add me!

If you're wondering what that last post was about, I was just claiming Being Domestic as my blog...and to do so, I had to write a post with that link in it and well, it said I could delete it after everything got approved and went through, but I'm too lazy to delete it. Plus, it was my 40th entry! I can't do that!

Ah, I remember the days when I was excited to have only five entries, and now, it has octobled! LOL. What is the word for 8 times? Oh, I'm too sleepy to look it up, although I'll have to write a note to myself to remember to look that up.

Anyway, I'm sure all one (and occasionally 2!) of my readers are wondering what technorati is and to put it in simple terms, it's this "service" to see the stats of your blog... What rank it is out of all the blogs, how many people make links to it and so on. My stats are a little less than ecstatic, but it's ok. I've only been blogging for like 2 months or something. Ok, maybe three. So for those of you that are the opposite of oblivious (now what's the word for that? another thing I must look up!)'ll notice that in the top left hand corner of my blog page, there is a cute little button that says "Add this Blog to my Technorati Favorites" and well, if you click that button, create an account with them or something, then you'll do exactly what that little button advertises. And if you're in the business of making people feel better, a person like me in this situation, you'll do exactly as the button tells you to do. =) (By the way, I didn't mean to make it sound like I'm threatening you, it just came out like that. Well, unless you like to be threatened or something weird..or normal! perfectly normal... *backing away..*)

Gosh I need some sleep.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Technorati Profile

Oh yes...

Only 4 more days until baking school! I can't wait. I really do love Chinese cakes...not too sweet, not too over the top, and oh yes, always filled with your daily serving of fruits. Yummy. I can't wait until I get to learn all of that. I haven't baked all week, I like to take a little vacation once in a while, plus all that baking from last Thursday excuses me for at least 2 more weeks!

Anyway, I'm really excited and nervous at the same time. You know how it is, first day jitters have the best of me! I just hope I understand the teacher ok.

Day 2

So I continued to crochet today. After yesterday's success with the granny square, I thought, "How much harder can a ball be?" Well, as it turns out, circles are a cinch, but for some reason, I can't wrap my head around the construction of a ball. Joining the 3D world is proving to be more difficult than I expected. Once again, I don't have the examples to show...I know, I'm horrible. But hey, if I showed you some pictures, I'm sure you'd be less than inspired to pick up some yarn and a crochet hook and start turning out balls and dolls.

On the bright side, I haven't given up hope yet. I'm still working on making that stupid ball and once I get there, I'll feel much much better. Aside from that good news, I also figured out how to make scallops. Very, very easy... I'm thinking about sewing it to the bottom of a tshirt or tank top...or using it as a border for a pillow! Oh the possibilities! I'm so excited.

(Excuse my appearance, I'm in the middle of doing laundry, and it's 11:00 pm...)

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

What to do...

I have no idea where my life is going. Well other than fabulously crafty and delicious, how will I make my living? I'll be 20 in about 7 months and still no clue on what to do. Sure I love baking, but what about all the other things I love to do so much? I have no idea where my life is leading at this point, but for now, I guess I'll just have to keep brainstorming! I suppose something will come up.

Anyway, yesterday, my boyfriend's aunt taught me a few things about crochet. I had no idea I COMPLETELY forgot how to crochet! She retaught it to me and gave me a little project to do. I don't have a picture of them. =( But I made a granny square and I'm darn proud of it. Next week I should be making circles already. At least I hope. Once I can make a hacky sack for my boyfriend, I'll feel really accomplished because that'll mean I can start making toys! Amigurumi to be more exact. (It's a Japanese craft where they crochet or knit really awesome toys.) Lol.

By the way, once I've got the crochet thing down, I'd definetly like to take my hand at carving fruits and vegetables. It is my responsibility as a 1/2 Thai person.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

New Adventure

I've taken a four hour class on crochet, but I feel that now is the time that I should try to take it seriously. For some reason, I didn't think that I could make my favorite thing to make: plush food. *Sigh* All the possibilities. Anyway, I've already purchased a Crochet book from the Teach Yourself Visually series. We'll see how this goes. =)

If you need some inspiration, check out I'm sure you'll find a new exciting project to indulge yourself in.

Friday, April 6, 2007

BBQ Results

Today was the BBQ and I have to say, I'm pretty proud of it if I do say so myself. My boyfriend cooked some delicious carne asada, guacamole, and salsa. My friend Sebastian made some hamburgers, and my new friend Dan made some outback steak. (He's half Australian...) What a delicious day. I myself, well, what else would I do but bake? I made some Cheesecake the night before.

Left over chocolate glaze drizzled on the plate to decorate on half and the other half were topped with blueberries

Today, I made some chocolate cake (I made half into cupcakes and the other half got poured into my cool new donut molds!), Cheese Straws, Apple Turnovers, and Chocolate Covered Strawberries. Yummy! I must recommend that if you're planning on spoiling your guests with baked goods, buy some puff pastry sheets and have fun with different fillings, shapes and sizes, your guests will ask you how long you spent slaving over their feast and you'll know it was only a matter of about 2 hours!

Apple Turnovers!

Me enjoying on and my grandpa in the background enjoying chess

If my friends weren't lying, then they all loved my baked goods and I'm definitely not lying when I say that I loved all the grilled goods. We spent the night playing some Wii and Cranium. Unfortuantely, we didn't have much time to fit Risk or the end of Cranium in, but I still had a lot of fun.

I was a bit too lazy to whip out the pastry bag and tips for the cake, so I made a simple, but delicious, chocolate glaze to dip my cupcakes and cake donuts into and we topped it off with some colorful sprinkles.

I didn't have time (or money!) to buy one of those cool cupcake towers so I ended up making my own super cheap two tier cupcake and donut display using a loaf pan and some tissue paper. Sure, a bit on the cheap low budget side, but I was short on time too!

Here's my boyfriend enjoying a mini donut! (by the way, he cut his hair...he has beanie hair in this pic, I like it when he styles it a little.)

I planned on making some Strawberry Napoleons, but I got a little lazy and with the left over chocolate, we decided not to waste, and make some chocolate covered strawberries. Chocolate covered strawberries are impressive on their own, but with some skewers, the little plastic box the strawberries came in, some styrofoam, tissue paper, and decorative ribbon, my boyfriend and I created a nice and simple center piece that was devoured into about 10 minutes once people got over their fear of taking it apart.

Quick Instructions for a Quick Center Piece:
What you'll need:
Strawberries or the fruits of your choice to be dipped in the chocolate
Chocolate for Dipping
A Box, Shallow Vase, or bowl
Styrofoam (or some kind of material that can secure the skewers you'll poke into it) to fit your box
Decorative Ribbon
Tissue Paper (optional)

What you'll need to do:
Find a box or some kind of container (preferrably on the heavy side, we found that the strawberries were having a difficult time balancing in such a light base).

Cut the Styrofoam into a shape that will fit snug in your box/container

Cover the styrofoam with the tissue paper if you're unhappy about how it looks uncovered.

If you like, tie your decorative ribbon around the container so it looks a little more polished.

Stick the pointy end of the skewer into the top of the strawberry (where the leaves are) and dip it in your chocolate glaze about 1/2 to 3/4 deep.

Stick the dull side of the skewer into your styrofoam so that the strawberries are pointing out. Repeat working your way from the middle of the styrofoam to the outer sides of the box.

Voila! A perfect centerpiece. Your guests will never know that it only took you about 15 minutes and the best part about it is that it's not only decorative but also functional! You can experiment with some different combinatons like fruit kabobs and the like. I know I will next time!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Six Pains Magic Mountain

Boy do I feel old. I went to Magic Mountain last week, and after a ride on the eight loops on Viper, I felt so nauseous, I probably shouldn't have gone on the rest of the rides after that. I've never come so close to throwing up on a ride.

Then today, in honor of my friend that couldn't make it this week, my boyfriend and I posed for the camera as we went through the second drop on the self explainatory Goliath. He grabbed my head and licked my cheek. The G force on that ride is pretty strong, so we had a hard time getting back to our normal position in the seat I ended up hurting my neck. I'm fine though, I just can't turn to the right. Well, I can, I just look like I have a neck brace on or something. I have to turn my whole torso. Haha. It's kindda funny...

But I can't laugh too hard since my throat hurts! I woke up in the morning with a SLIGHT sore throat and the huge drops, loops, and corkscrews on the rides didn't help at all. I'm having a hard time talking right now and it's the reason why I must end this entry because I need to sleep to get my mind off the pain.

All in all, even the pain, I had a lot of fun. I hope we do it again, just not anytime soon. I'm still recovering from everything...

Monday, April 2, 2007

Domestic Fun

Today, I bought Cooking Mama, a game for the Nintendo Wii. I was a little disappointed that it only allows 2 out of the 4 people to play, but when we began playing I saw why... It's almost as much fun watching everyone try to cut, peel, dice, boil, season, etc. while beating each other and the clock.

If you haven't already picked up on the craze, you really should invest in buying the Wii. It's really a fun system for everyone and it provides some exercise too! (I'm still sore from a boxing match with my cousin a few days ago.) And while you're at it, get Cooking Mama. The next time you're in a restaurant, you'll appreciate your food a little more seeing all the time and energy to make it. My arm is pretty sore.... But I can't wait to attempt making the cream puffs next time!

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Baking School

I'm going to a Chinese Baking School! It's a five week program, I'm so excited!