Saturday, April 21, 2007


Today, I took a little break from making cupcakes and decided to go a slightly different route... A mushroom. Ok, so it's going to be like the same shape, but hey, I'm trying to make some sort of piggy bank or container thing, and that shape happens to work very well with the plan. I'll post a picture when I'm all done.

Anyway, this is going to be my 50th entry in Being Domestic and well, I'm pretty proud. I've accomplished quite a few things since the beginning of the project and it's only been about 3 months! I've baked bread, threw a party (without the help of my parents!), learned to crochet and make little toys, made some sock monkies...duct tape wallets... Just imagine what will come in the next 50 entires!

You may not be seeing too much of me in the next week or so because I'll be busy working most of the time and during my time off, I'm trying to work on a more expanded website for this blog. (I even bought the domain already!) So keep checking back to see when the website will launch (I'm hoping it'll be within the next two weeks or so) and in the meantime, add me as your friend at Myspace.


Regina said...

Happy 50th entry!!!

Meredith said...

How exciting for you! Can't wait to see the new website!!