Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Six Pains Magic Mountain

Boy do I feel old. I went to Magic Mountain last week, and after a ride on the eight loops on Viper, I felt so nauseous, I probably shouldn't have gone on the rest of the rides after that. I've never come so close to throwing up on a ride.

Then today, in honor of my friend that couldn't make it this week, my boyfriend and I posed for the camera as we went through the second drop on the self explainatory Goliath. He grabbed my head and licked my cheek. The G force on that ride is pretty strong, so we had a hard time getting back to our normal position in the seat I ended up hurting my neck. I'm fine though, I just can't turn to the right. Well, I can, I just look like I have a neck brace on or something. I have to turn my whole torso. Haha. It's kindda funny...

But I can't laugh too hard since my throat hurts! I woke up in the morning with a SLIGHT sore throat and the huge drops, loops, and corkscrews on the rides didn't help at all. I'm having a hard time talking right now and it's the reason why I must end this entry because I need to sleep to get my mind off the pain.

All in all, even the pain, I had a lot of fun. I hope we do it again, just not anytime soon. I'm still recovering from everything...

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Regina said...

Lol...welcome to the old geezer's club! I'm afraid that it's the end of Six Flags for me too. Last time we went I never felt so much like weak sauce. All the head shaking gave me such a headache. No wonder Tita Sol never went on rides with me. Poor Auntie Nene was a trooper. My glory roller-coaster-riding days are over.

I guess that means I'll have to take up another adrenaline rush hobby. Maybe sky diving...I kid. I'd rather rock climb because it might be more affordable. =P

Hope you recover from your aches quickly.