Thursday, April 12, 2007

Add me!

If you're wondering what that last post was about, I was just claiming Being Domestic as my blog...and to do so, I had to write a post with that link in it and well, it said I could delete it after everything got approved and went through, but I'm too lazy to delete it. Plus, it was my 40th entry! I can't do that!

Ah, I remember the days when I was excited to have only five entries, and now, it has octobled! LOL. What is the word for 8 times? Oh, I'm too sleepy to look it up, although I'll have to write a note to myself to remember to look that up.

Anyway, I'm sure all one (and occasionally 2!) of my readers are wondering what technorati is and to put it in simple terms, it's this "service" to see the stats of your blog... What rank it is out of all the blogs, how many people make links to it and so on. My stats are a little less than ecstatic, but it's ok. I've only been blogging for like 2 months or something. Ok, maybe three. So for those of you that are the opposite of oblivious (now what's the word for that? another thing I must look up!)'ll notice that in the top left hand corner of my blog page, there is a cute little button that says "Add this Blog to my Technorati Favorites" and well, if you click that button, create an account with them or something, then you'll do exactly what that little button advertises. And if you're in the business of making people feel better, a person like me in this situation, you'll do exactly as the button tells you to do. =) (By the way, I didn't mean to make it sound like I'm threatening you, it just came out like that. Well, unless you like to be threatened or something weird..or normal! perfectly normal... *backing away..*)

Gosh I need some sleep.

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Regina said...

That's where I found your blog when I searched you. Heck, I found MY blog on that website! Although my blog is off limits to the public unless you have a blogger account.