Tuesday, April 17, 2007

One Delicious Beanie

This morning, (actually, it's yesterday morning, I haven't realized how late it is!) I decided to take a break from crochet toy foods and make something a little more useful...like a beanie. Well, I was off to a good start, but after about the 12th row, I realized that the beanie was coming out just a tiny bit too small for an adult head (especially mine!). I must have skipped a few TOO MANY stiches. By that time, I had already spent about 2 hours crocheting (on and off) and I wasn't going to waste it! So, I decided to turn it into a jumbo cupcake and well, I think it turned out good!

I applied the little scallop design to the edge that I discovered a few days ago. I think it gives it a nice dainty touch and looks more finished.

I didn't have a pattern for the bottom, so I decided to improvise as I went along. I crocheted a circle slightly smaller than the circumference of the top, crochet only the front loop when it was the right size to make it bend upwards and then continued crocheting only adding a few stiches to some of the rows, but for the most part, I kept it the same amount of stiches throughout.

Then, of course, I added my signature pom pom cherry on top, stuffed, and sewed it together. Voila! Another plush cupcake from yours truly and this time, it's crochet! I'm on my way to some quality amigurumi!

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