Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Incase You Want to Try It...

I was looking at a few posts at craftster.org and came across crocheted tampons (interesting, I've seen them as a joke before, but these had a useful destiny) which then lead to a tutorial for a reusable pad--or feminine napkin. Pretty interesting, and if you're interested, here's the link!

Some Inspired Work

I'm so happy to say that this blog has inspired somebody to actually go out and try a project. Ok fine, it's my sister, but really, it's hard to inspire her enough to do any kind of project with her busy schedule and all. Here's an awesome stencil she made. =]

Check out more at her blog

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Forget Lexus

I thought my dream car was a Lexus, Mercedes, or BMW. But then i saw this. Scoot over Batman, I've got a cooler hero with an even cooler ride!

Check out their website

In Need Of Some Attention

I would be so scared to go to the bathroom (even more than I already am with my fear of sewer gators or snakes coming up from the toilet and biting me in a vulnerable and embarassing position) if my toilet looked like this.

Being Domestic Tip:
Have a toilet scrubber right next to our friend here so you can casually scrub the toilet at least once a week to avoid ugly rings or hard to remove build up. After all, it's there because it built up after time. Cleaning for just one minute every few days can save you that extra time you would spend scrubbing the toilet when you get to the embarassing two color tone toilet bowl stage..

New Look

Yes, I finally decided to change the blog template. Hopefully I won't even be using templates in the near future. Still working on the tedious website. I was supposed to buy a book today to teach myself the program, but it slipped my mind. My little camping vacation was taking priority today.

Anyway, as I'm typing, I'm brainstorming all types of awesome projects I'm planning on making. I even have the supplies ready, but no time! Soon...very soon I hope.

If you're wondering why I chose this ubiquitous template, it's because I'm trying to upload a header I made, but I guess the internet is a little slow because it just won't upload it and it's been like 15 minutes. Oh well.

Friday, May 25, 2007

What I've been up to...

It's been a while since I've last posted and I apologize for that... I been somewhat busy working on the design for the new website. Which I HOPE *fingers crossed like 20x* will be up and running within a week or two. No guarantees though... But that's the goal I'm hoping for.

I've decided to teach myself GoLive which is supposed to be a really good program for that...but we'll see how things turn out. Either that, or my friend may actually pull through and get my site up! I guess it'll be a little race!

Aside from that, I'm planning another little BBQ in about a week or so.... Hopefully my guests will actually get that it's a potluck and yes they're no exception to the rule! I haven't decided on a decorative motif...but at least I've gotten as far as deciding I will do something to decorate! I'll be sure to post lots of pictures and some tutorials and recipes!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

First Multilayer Stencil (and tutorial!)

The last video I posted featured a multilayered stencil and it got me so inspired, I decided to try my hand at one myself! And so we both benefit, I took lots of pictues so we could both learn.

3 copies of your desired image preferrably printed on a thick cardstock, photo paper (that's what I used), or a transparancy sheet (that would probably work best)
Sharpie or pen you can mark with
X-acto Knife
Cutting Mat (or something you can cut on so you won't damage your furniture or blade)
Canvas or surface to spray your image on
4 cans of different colored spray paint (I used Raspberry, White, Black, and Primer)
Spray Adhesive
Old newspaper


Select your image and print it 3 times. For some reason, my printer printed it out in weird colors (as if black and white wouldn't have been easier for it...) It also was being a little wierd on the quality, so I chose the darkest one for the "gray" stencil, the worst quality for the "white" stencil, and the last for the "black" stencil. Then I labeled them with my trusty sharpie so I wouldn't get confused or forget which was which.

For the white stencil, cut out a sillouhette of your image. You may find it easier if you trace the image with your sharpie.

For the black stencil, cut out the darkest parts of the image. (Like the eyes, hair, nostrils, etc.)

I saved the gray stencil for last since it requires a little more thought than the other two. For this one, I definitely recommend using your sharpie or marker to outline the darker shadows to cut out. It also helps you see if you like the look of your stencil before you regret cutting some of the pieces out.

Now for the fun part, spraying your image!

First, lay out your newspaper and center your canvas on your scrap paper. Then, spray your background color evenly on the canvas/surface. I did two separate coats so it was more even.

Always make sure that your paint is dry before you move on to the next step!

Spray a light coat of the adhesive on the back of your stencil to avoid overspray (or underspray!) You'll get cleaner lines if you do this step. I lined the bottom left hand corner of the image with the bottom left hand corner of the canvas so it would be easier to line the other two images. When the white coat is dry (and make sure it's completely dry!), align the gray stencil exactly where you aligned the first stecil, then spray the gray coat. (sorry, I forgot to take a picture of the white coat...)

See that overspray on the top of the canvas? You definitely want to use some cardboard to cover any parts of the canvas that you don't want to be colored. Or you can tape some scrap paper to the edges of the stencil incase that happens. I was lazy so I didn't do that.

Now for the black stencil, do exactly what you did for the first two stencils.

All done!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Cool Stencil Video

This is the next thing I'm going to have to learn to do...multilayered stencils. He doesn't show the complete process, but you get the gist...


This week for me was all about catching up with my friends and family, so I didn't get much of a chance to try any new projects. Sorry! But I hear your requests for some recipes from my Chinese Baking School sessions... My teacher gives recipes equivalent for baking for an actual bakery or cooking for an army, so I'm trying to divide the recipes for you in much smaller portions and well, just to make sure, I'm going to try and test them for you first.

My teacher also has a specific way of doing things so I'd like to take some pictures so you have a better understanding of how the batter should look along the process and fill you in on all of the very helpful hints she gave me. So I'm sorry for the delay...I'm just trying to get it as close to perfect as I can for you right now! =] Bear with me!

The other reason why I've been lagging it is that I've been kind of addicted to played Pokemon Pearl for the DS lately...sorry. lol.

I started out with the little blue one on the right hand side. Isn't he cute??

Monday, May 14, 2007

Being Domestic Tip: Organizing

We are trying to be more organized so now whenever we make a stencil, we keep it in a large envelope (they're fairly cheap, I got mine at Costco for about $8 for I think about 100). Then, you can label the envelope with a name you designate to it or do what they're meant for, print the image right onto the envelope. I did both and now when I complete a stencil, I'm sure that it'll be safe and sound in its own case and I won't have to pull all the stencils out of their envelopes since they're all labeled now!

This can even be used for organizing your cards. Ex. One evelope for birthdays, another for "get wells soon" cards, etc.

Such an easy thing to do, but you'd be kicking yourself if you never thought of it.

Last Day of Baking School

I'm sad to say that yesterday marked my last day of attendance at the Chinese Baking School I've been going to for the past five weeks. I've learned a lot about cakes and baking--so much that I've gotten to the point where I don't even want to try what we make anymore. lol. It took me a little over two years to get to this point. I'm sure it's just a short phase though. I'll get back to my old self pretty soon.

Anyway, here are some of the things I baked yesterday....

I'm not really sure if that's what it's really supposed to be like. I remember having some with lots of cream in it...but maybe that one wasn't the real thing. Not so sure. I didn't try this because yesterday I was just not feeling any sweets. My mom says it tasted good though. (By the way, it's green because the center is whipped egg whites, sugar, cream of tartar, and green pandan cake crumbs)

Next time, I'd like to try a fruit version of this. Maybe some puff pastry, pastry cream, raspberries, more puff pastry, pastry cream, etc.

Cream Horns
These are real lookers but they're actually really easy to make! We were supposed to use white sugar crystals but the teacher only had red sugar crystals at the time. It looks festive--maybe a good color for the holidays? These are filled with some buttercream, which is pretty good, but in small doses. The key to these are to have the right equipment. She uses these metal almost cone shaped molds to wrap the puff pastry around.

Maple Cake
This cake smells really rich, but the cake is actually really light and soft! The only REALLY sweets parts are the raisins in there.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Four Eyes

Yes, I do wear glasses, infact, I'm pretty sure that I'm legally blind. What can you do but wear contacts or get cool new glasses? For the most part, I wear glasses, but a friend of mine (I met him at the restuarant) work for an optometrist always shows me some cool frames he gets as samples and today, he gave me these. What do you think? Now all I have to do is get my eyes checked again so they can make me some new glasses. Yay! I look pretty smart in these don't I?

Thursday, May 10, 2007

New shirt

Yesterday, I created a new stencil for the other shirt I plan on sending my sister. This time, it's a picture of a beta fish since she's the proud owner of two. I haven't tested it yet, I hope it works! I'm not even sure what color to print it yet.

My boyfriend also worked on a shirt, but it's not done yet either. Hopefully next week we'll have it all together.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Stencil T-Shirt

As promised, I began teaching myself how to make stencils and silkscreen. Normally, when you silkscreen, you apply some emulsion to the screen so when you put your image on there and expose it to the sun, the parts under the dark spots of the image do not harden and wash away creating a stencil. But for this shirt, I cut out a stencil from an image I got from a magazine, placed it on the t-shirt, put the framed screen over it and pushed the paint through with a squeegee. This is the result.

I actually didn't want to post this yet, but I'm just so proud of it. =) I wanted to keep a little mystery since I'll be sending this to my sister, but I still have one more shirt to do, so I guess that one will just be a surprise for her.

A closer look:

Some Random Photos

Today was such an eventful day, thank God I had my camera with me!

Dirty Truck with a Dirty Slogan...

Never seen a Bus in Training (I was just outside of Chinatown when I saw this)

The Crow just had to pick this spot, didn't he (or she)?

My first Animal Amigurumi

I suppose it's more of an insect or something. Anyway, I got the "inspiration" from this wonderful website/artist. You should defiitely check out her gallery, it's the reason I picked up crocheting again. She has this one "stuffie" or whatever you call them, of a little snail and I thought it was so cute, I had to try to recreate it on my own. It's a fairly simple design, but it took me some time to figure how everything should go together. I'm pretty proud of it, although i think the little flower she put on her's really finishes it off and well, I was just too lazy to make one since I don't have the convenience of a bead like she had.



What do you think? Close match???

Monday, May 7, 2007

New Camera!

You never know when a great photo opportunity will come, so why not always carry a camera? I've really always wanted to be able to carry a camera around with me all the time so I can take pictures of things, events, or whatever... After like a year of wanting, but never getting a camera, my wonderful boyfriend got me one today. =]I'm so happy with the camera, it's like a PERFECT rectangle...which is weird...but really cool! LOL. I left the camera at my boyfriend's place though so I can't show you samples of its great pictures...the thing that amazes me most about it is that it recognizes human faces. So when you're taking a picture of a person, in the lcd screen, there's like a little box around the person's face. Weird huh?

Anyway, with the new camera, I'll hopefully be having lots of great pictures up everyday (or at least whenever I post). This way, you can see my everyday life and good quality pictures of baked goods, crochet toys, and whatever else I'm into at the time. =] I'm pretty sleepy so I'm almost 100% sure that this post made no sense. So, sorry for wasting your time while I mindlessly ramble on and on. I need some sleep.

DS Case

I finally finished it. I'm a little too lazy to photo shop it or whatever so you can actually read the thing... Although I probably should since it kind of looks worse like this. lol. I'm not 100% happy with it, but I'm sure it'll turn out better next time. (If there is a next time.)

It was surprisingly a lot of work...*sigh* but it's done!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Today's Goodies

Fruit bowl
This is my first stab at cutting fruit in a different shape than just straight. These are angled lines! I'm definitely going to try fruit/vegetable carving! Next time I do this though, I'm going to scoop melon balls out of the cantaloupe so it'll be easier to eat...and look pretty too!

Mango cake filled with strawberries and bananas. If you're going to attempt this, make sure to slice the mango thin (probably about 1/8" thick so it sticks to the sides easily.

Pictures from Last Week

I know, these photos are a tad bit late, but I really wanted to share them with you, and well, what better time than never?

Cake filled with canned Lynchee and Lynchee flavored frosting.

Crispy Walnut Cake
(Filled with crushed walnuts, pastry cream, and a sheet of puff pastry. Topped with Strawberries, Kiwi, and an Apple in the center)

It says, "Happy Mother's Day"

From the top:

Cheesecake (I prefer the taste of a homemade rich cheesecake rather than this one--it's practically from the box--but for what it is, it's still good!)

Friday, May 4, 2007

Spam Overload

I wish I was talking about the food...I haven't had it in a while, I kind of miss it. (Actually, the the only place I did get to eat it was at my cousin's house. That's all she ever had, spam or corned beef. Ah, the good old days) But this time, I'm talking about the digital age spam.

I just checked my myspace accounted and in ONE MINUTE I got 27 messages telling me about some hot new ringtones I can get for free. I don't even have a phone that's capable of that! At least I think so....

Tuesday, May 1, 2007


I've been inbetween a few projects lately, and well, working on them all at once is causing them to be finished slower. Lol. I've been working on another crochet banana (I gave the last one to my friends)...it's almost done. I only have one peel to do left. I'm not sure why I haven't done it yet. I finally finished the mushroom I told you about a while ago, but it was for somebody else and I never got to take a picture of it. Maybe I can ask her to take a picture of it for me. =)

As for the stenciling, I was experimenting yesterday with printing it on shirts and well, it was pretty successful. I couldn't really finish it though because I had to go to work and it wasn't dry yet. I'm hoping to have a picture of it for you sometime tonight or maybe tomorrow. I hope. =)