Sunday, May 27, 2007

New Look

Yes, I finally decided to change the blog template. Hopefully I won't even be using templates in the near future. Still working on the tedious website. I was supposed to buy a book today to teach myself the program, but it slipped my mind. My little camping vacation was taking priority today.

Anyway, as I'm typing, I'm brainstorming all types of awesome projects I'm planning on making. I even have the supplies ready, but no time! Soon...very soon I hope.

If you're wondering why I chose this ubiquitous template, it's because I'm trying to upload a header I made, but I guess the internet is a little slow because it just won't upload it and it's been like 15 minutes. Oh well.


Regina said...

I like it. =)

jeannie said...

Can't wait to see your projects! Projects are fun. I have no problem's just the finishing that I never get to, hehe.