Sunday, May 6, 2007

Today's Goodies

Fruit bowl
This is my first stab at cutting fruit in a different shape than just straight. These are angled lines! I'm definitely going to try fruit/vegetable carving! Next time I do this though, I'm going to scoop melon balls out of the cantaloupe so it'll be easier to eat...and look pretty too!

Mango cake filled with strawberries and bananas. If you're going to attempt this, make sure to slice the mango thin (probably about 1/8" thick so it sticks to the sides easily.


Regina said...

Ooo...these Chinese baking classes are doing you good! You should definitely open a bakery after you finish your course. =)

Regina said...

I couldn't help but show my coworkers your awesome cakes. They were all so amazed. Songhua keeps telling me of jobs where you could get rich really fast, like becoming and interior designer, clothing adviser, etc. Funny how all the stuff she mentioned had nothing to do with your cakes. Lol. Gotta love her.

Yeah, she loves to see your new creations. =)

Regina said...

Oh yeah, and Songhua also knows that Sergio is very good at art, so she put two and two together and figured that you guys could run a successful business together.

Maybe you should come out here for Boston's Bazaar Bizarre.

Regina said...

Better yet, do a Bazaar Bizarre Tour!