Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Some Inspired Work

I'm so happy to say that this blog has inspired somebody to actually go out and try a project. Ok fine, it's my sister, but really, it's hard to inspire her enough to do any kind of project with her busy schedule and all. Here's an awesome stencil she made. =]

Check out more at her blog


jeannie said...

Hehe, I want to jump on the bandwagon now. I wonder what design I should pic? Hmm, maybe one of my photos.

Do you have a corset? Go read my comment on Regina's blog! :D

Regina said...

Yay me! But I'm so afraid of screwing up my pictures by putting in shadows! Any tips?

Jan(i)e said...

I was also scared of adding shading. The best thing (aside from bravery) would be to take a marker or pen and black out the potential spot...if you're not happy with it, then don't cut it out! =] Or just trust your instincts and cut out the darkest parts of the face.