Monday, May 14, 2007

Being Domestic Tip: Organizing

We are trying to be more organized so now whenever we make a stencil, we keep it in a large envelope (they're fairly cheap, I got mine at Costco for about $8 for I think about 100). Then, you can label the envelope with a name you designate to it or do what they're meant for, print the image right onto the envelope. I did both and now when I complete a stencil, I'm sure that it'll be safe and sound in its own case and I won't have to pull all the stencils out of their envelopes since they're all labeled now!

This can even be used for organizing your cards. Ex. One evelope for birthdays, another for "get wells soon" cards, etc.

Such an easy thing to do, but you'd be kicking yourself if you never thought of it.


Regina said...

Good idea! I should really start organizing my...well, when I start making things again, I'll organize that.

jeannie said...

i love compartmentalizing everything too! i hate being unorganized. good tip!