Thursday, May 10, 2007

New shirt

Yesterday, I created a new stencil for the other shirt I plan on sending my sister. This time, it's a picture of a beta fish since she's the proud owner of two. I haven't tested it yet, I hope it works! I'm not even sure what color to print it yet.

My boyfriend also worked on a shirt, but it's not done yet either. Hopefully next week we'll have it all together.


mae said...

whoa that is a really cool stencil!!! i would so wear it on a shirt.

Regina said...

Wow!!! I would totally wear that! That fish looks like Big Fin.

Did I tell you? He's sick again!
=( Some stupid bacteria is eating up his tail. I read online that fish can only get this if they live in dirty water...but I swear I keep his tank totally clean all the time! I really spoil my fish! So there is no way that his tail is my fault. I think he got it from Petco...Darn them! Selling diseased fish! But I still love my Big Fin!