Sunday, April 15, 2007

Chinese Baking School Results

Oh the joys of waking up early to sit in semi traffic on the way to El Monte (which is about 15 minutes--without traffic past Downtown L.A.). But really, if it weren't for the long drive, school today was wonderful. I was beginning to wonder if a skill like baking could even be taught since my experience with my current teacher (at another school) was just...well, horrible. Anyway, I'm glad to say that this teacher actually loves to teach... She's always offering tips and little tricks to make my life a litter easier, she didn't yell at me in frustration, or stress out about time management at all, actually, she told me to eat what the other class (which my mom is in) was making and relax while we let the cakes cool.

Ok, enough of the chat... You all want pictures!

Pandan and Coconut Roll and a Lemon Roll (they look weird because I left them in the plastic wrap because well, it would have lost its shape. I'm not good at rolling them, but after the plastic wrap it looks like I am!

Taro Filled Yellow Cake with some flowers and this "W" design kind of thing that I made. Yay!

Here's some Dimsum my Mom made. Clockwise from the top left: Pork Shumai, "Shark Fin" Dumpling (it just looks like a shark fin), and Beef Shumai. And they're all good! No MSG here!

I also made Tiramisu, but I didn't get to take a picture of it...sorry!

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Regina said...

Very nice...I can almost taste it. =)