Sunday, April 22, 2007

A little inspiration for you

I was going through some YouTube videos hoping I could find a few good vids about crochet or something like that, but instead, I stumbled upon this, and well, I'm more than happy. I'm definitely going to attempt to stencil some things in the near future. I'll try to get as good as this guy! lol.

If you have some informative or just plain fun videos that you'd like to share with us, just email me the video (or the link).


Regina said...

DUDE! There was an Anime convention at the Prudential Mall today. A bunch of fanatics were dressed as their favorite character. Carlos and I saw a couple guys posing in full costume with enormous swords. I have no I idea who they were supposed to be. I thought that they looked pretty cool, but Carlos thought the guy was trying to compensate...for uh-hum. =P

Hope you had an awesome day and didn't miss your soft pillow too much. =)

Regina said...

btw, that's a really cool video. I might pick that up after the big test.