Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Revamp your Sweater!

With this crazy weather (sunny and HOT one day and raining and cold the next) it's always good to keep a sweater nearby or in your car. Tired of the same boring cotton zip up number? Give it a little face lift with a few simple felt shapes, some yarn and a plain sweater.

Plain Hoodie - $12 (I got mine for $12 but it may cost you up to $20 or $0 if you already have one!)
Felt - $0.20 for about a 8 1/2" x 11" rectangle (I got 4 different colors)
Yarn - $5.00
Embroidery Floss - $1.25
Hand Sewing Needles - about $3.00 (Make sure you get needles that have a big enough eye for the yarn and sharp point so sewing through the sweater is easy)
Total Approximate Cost of Project - $20.25

1) Cut out simple shapes (I chose flowers and leaves) and plan a simple design or pattern to place it on the sweater. I like to place it in a corner of the back and work my way out. I think it looks a little more modern and maybe even store bought!
2) Sew the shapes about 1/4 of an inch inside and along the shape with the embroidery floss. Then sew lines with the yarn to connect all the shapes and enhance the design. (This is when I attached the leaves to the sweater.)

You can also add a design to the front. I put my initials there only for the front, I only used the embroidery floss. and Presto! You have your own personalized sweater and it cost you less than an already made one from the store. (I've seen similar designs for almost $50!) I've gotten lots of compliments on my sweater and lots of people have even asked where I bought it. If you make one of your own, please feel free to send me pictures and a description to succeedingmartha@gmail.com.


Regina said...

Ooo...can you show me what your sweater came out like?

Regina said...

BTW...Silversun Pickups were first played on the East Coast. Woot woot! The one time Boston was ahead in pop culture. It's the only cool thing it can claim. =P (Otherwise, KROQ normally discovers the new cool bands first.)

Regina said...

Oh! and I like "Jane Fonda" by I Mickey Avalon...I think it's pretty catchy. So is the whistling in "Young Folks" by Peter Bjorn and John. =P

Anonymous said...

You can embroider! Again, my mom would prefer you as a daughter. E-mail me a pic of the sweater!