Monday, February 19, 2007

Game Night!

So, today we celebrated my boyfriend's birthday since we had to work yesterday (his actual birthday). The original plan was to head over to Universal Studios since my cousin fresh out of the Philippines hasn't really been anywhere in Los Angeles, but the unpredicatable weather had other plans for us. It was raining in the morning (yesterday and the day before it was almost 90 F) so we decided to have a rainy day just like elementary. Eat lunch and head back to the classroom to play board games. I don't own too many board games (and I forgot to bring my Cranium! I love that game) so we went to Target to buy a few games we had been meaning to buy like Monopoly and Life.

I had never actually played Life (the one time I did play, it was missing so many pieces I couldn't properly play it) and whenever I played Monopoly, we always made up our own rules so again, not properly played. My boyfriend bought one of those vintage looking Monopoly sets and on the inside of the cover it talked about the history of Monopoly. Well, it all started with a man during about the time of the Depression that made a game for his family about sites he remembered from a vacation. The game was such a hit with his family he began to sell it in his neighborhood and well, you know the rest.

It got me thinking, game night should be a regular thing in families--brings them closer together or even with friends (remember Will & Grace were champions among their friends?). But games can get boring with the same store bought board games so why don't you make it more interesting by making or personalizing your games?

Easy Squeezy!:
Instead of having a store bought version of Charades (which often provide words or phrases many of us haven't even heard of) have one team list a several different movies, songs, words, animals, etc. and drawing each from a hat or bowl. Then the opposing team can use those as their topics to be acted out.

More Time, But Fun!:
You've seen those special edition kits for Monopoly (I Love Lucy, Family Guy, Disney, etc.)--instead of spending about $30 or $40 for those, make your own! Choose a theme like "My Family" and for each color set on the board, you can put a set of family members (For ex: Instead of Park Place and Boardwalk, Grandma and Grandpa's Retirement Home) and Personalize the Chance and Community Chest Cards. (Ex: "Mom caught you sneaking out of your room at night, Go Directly to Jail" or "Aunt Edna gives you big hug. Pay hospital bill $50)

For those of you that like the Challenge:
For those of you really looking for a challenge, see what kind of games you all like and make your own! It could be a hybrid of Monopoly, Life, Family Fued or whatever else you like!

If you do decide to do any of these, as with any other projects, please email me at describing your results and pictures if you can!


TWIST said...

DUDE! I so have a game. A board game... we made it in art class in high school... it had a lame name... I should change it...
It's based.... well I should email you, right?

Anonymous said...

I like the game of Life. Well, only because I won at the end, had all this fake money, the big mansion, although I got stuck with three sets of twins and five other kids.