Sunday, February 18, 2007

Quick, Cheap Gift Idea--And they won't know the difference!

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Tomorrow is my boyfriend's birthday and to be honest, between all the Valentine's stuff, school, and work, I haven't had time to really put some thought into his birthday gift. I already know what to BUY him, but I always try to MAKE him something. I love handmade gifts. They're more personal and they show that you've spent time thinking or making their gift.

But what do you do when you don't have time? (Like me) You'll find that things you're already good at come the easiest and fastest. For me, I love to bake and my boyfriend likes letters (or really anything) I write for him. For someone with more artistic skills, you might be able to draw up a great picture for a quick card. But there are some that haven't yet discovered their hobbies or any useful skill that you can turn into a creative gift. For those of you out there, I suggest the hybrid gift: part handmade (looking), part store bought.

My favorite last minute quick gift is a little kit. Head over to your local dollar store (or all in one convenience store like Target or Wal-Mart) and think of a theme.

When my friends were in the process of getting their drivers license, I bought everything I could possibly think of that they might need when they begin to drive. Some things were actually useful like a notepad, pen, lotion, and gum. And some things were part of inside jokes like cheap soap opera cassette soundtracks (yes I actually found those for sale there) to "set the mood" for any unexpected (or expected ;] guests) or WB trading cards they could use to bribe cops when they would get pulled over. Even though I bought well over ten items for each set, I really only spent about $15.00! On three gifts! (There were a lot of 3 for $1 deals.)

So there you have it, my little "secret" to gift giving that requires a little money as it does time. Remember, when giving a gift like this, it's the attention you put to detail that will blow them away. If they once talked about how they wanted to get into photography or something like that, make them a kit related to that. It makes the world of a difference.

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That's ingenious! Love it!