Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Journey Begins

I had forgotten about the goal I strived for not too long ago. I had decided in about Junior year of high school (only about 3 or so years ago..ew I'm getting old) that I was going to become the next Martha Stewart. Of course that was before The Apprentice with Martha or her daytime talk show and oh yeah, the jail time. But with my hobby of baking becoming more than just a hobby in the more recent days of my life, I've decided to pick up on my old goal. Well, more like become the next domestic goddess. Say a cross between the fabulous Brini Maxwell, the smart founder of craftster.org Leah Kramer, Martha Stewart pre-prison, and MacGyver (he is the original craftster..).
I have decided that it is my personal short term goal is to attempt to learn some type of new craft, cooking and more baking techniques/recipes, etc. every week. No more wondering why I'm sitting in my third agonizing hour of Anthropology or Statistics. We'll call it a practical learning experience.
So here it is, my journey to becoming the best employed and not yet married house wife ever! Ah, the joys of home econ.


Regina said...

Ooo...nice site! This is through google?

Regina said...

You know, I think Jeannie uses this site too. Her title is "Jeannie Smells". It's her 100 and some odd things that she wants to do in the next three years or something like that. Interesting. I might start one too because I am getting a bit bored of my xanga. =)

Mae!!! said...

youre gonna make a really great employed and unmarried house wife!!! and youre gonna be better than martha stewart(pre-jail) and all those other ppl put together!!!

Anonymous said...

Of course you'll be better than Marth Stewart! She has nothing on you. Yuck, I hate Anthropology with a passion.