Tuesday, February 27, 2007

New Book!

Today, I stopped by Borders with my boyfriend and cousin. Mae (my cousin) wanted the book Go Ask Alice, a popular teen read. I think I also read it when I was in eight grade. Not my favorite, I like happy things..and I really hate the whole horny rebelious teenage scene. It's dirty. But, I suppose in middle school, it's a classic.

As for myself, I bought a new cookbook. After the inspiring ensaimadas, I've been wanting to make some bread. I flipped through a few REALLY thick books about bread making, but they were all a little heavy for me at this stage in my expertise. (Plus I love pictures, and they didn't have that many.) For Christmas, I recieved the Williams-Sonoma Cake book and so far, I love it. I kind of feel like I can't go wrong with their books, so I bought their bread book. Only about $16. Not bad for priceless recipes that may be enjoyed over and over again. I'm so excited to try making some of these breads. (Or maybe all!)

Amazon lists them a bit cheaper, but I guess with Shipping and Handling, it's about the same. But at least you'll be guaranteed to get it!

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Regina said...

Glad to hear that you're enjoying it. When are you gonna send a cake over here? My tummy can sure use some sweets. =D