Saturday, February 24, 2007

Hope for Mankind

I don't know what's wrong with me, but lately, I haven't been adding the bills at the restaurant right. I always seem to forget to add another dish to it, even if it's written on there! I'm embarassed to say that I got caught about three times today for that. But you know who told me? The customer! I feel so...refreshed (I suppose might be the right word) to find that there are actually honest people out there! And more than one! I have proof! This has made me EXTREMELY happy. I hope that you also find the hope out there in the world, or better yet, be the honest people! I'm sure it'll make you feel 10x better.

By the way, I'm declaring March "Adopt a Plant" month. All you have to do is go out there and get yourself a plant that catches your eye. I got two the other day and I feel as if I've adopted two lovely pets. And it's only going to cost me a few cents a month! I have two little flower pots and together they cost me about $4.00. All they need are a little attention, some food, and your love. =) So be happy and adopt one yourself! I'd love to see pictures of your "pets" and hopefully we'll be able to exchange tips and tricks to keeping them happy! As always, email me at


A.J. (the great)...............& mae.... said...

Adopt a Plant month? Interesting... I would adopt one, but I dont think I would make a good owner. Why take care of something else when you cant even take care of yourself. :]

Regina said...

You'll be proud! My friend has a plant that has been abused by her cat, Fin. She believes that Fin will never grow tired of chewing on her poor plant must now sacrifice one of them. So of course, gave up Fin (j/k). She put the plant up for adoption. So I told her that I will gladly take in her begonia. For now, I think I'll keep it in lab so that she can see it grow and become strong. When I leave work, I'll bring it back home with me. =) My first plant adoption! I'll take pics!