Wednesday, February 14, 2007

One Step Closer!

First Cake
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So I'm taking a cake decorating class (as well as a baking class but we'll discuss that another time) because well, what good is putting all this work into a cake (or whatever you're preparing) if it doesn't even look appetizing? Now some people put all of their effort into presentation and none into the actual product and well, there's no point in that either. Nothing more disappointing than a beautiful cake that doesn't have a taste to match! That's also the case for people...
I'm only in the third week of class so we're still learning the basics: pressure, angle, and well I forget the other thing, but it's also important. Today's assignment was to recreate a cake with six different designs on it. I have to admit, I was a bit apprehensive about starting the cake, but once the first bit of piped icing adhered to the cake, I just couldn't find myself stopping. I realized that I love decorating cakes. I can't wait to learn more. My teacher graded the cake and well, I didn't do so bad! Probably about ten points shy of a perfect score! Not too shabby for a first timer.
I felt a little embarassed when a classmate keep talking about how great my cake was...I personally feel that I can do a lot better. But I felt so happy when my boyfriend pointed out that her idolizing me (I'm serious, she told me I was going to be her new idol) was just one step closer to being the next Martha. One day at a time..


MAE!!! said...

youre blog is so cool!!! and youre cake is soooo yummy i wanna devour it!!! *ROAR*!!! im gonna check out your blog everyday now!!!

Regina said...

Oooo! Pretty!!! I like all the designs, but I'm curious about how you made the spagetti looking decoration. Mmmm...More pictures! More cake! (Yes, I am a bit demanding...)

Anonymous said...

That's a yummy looking cake and it's pretty too). It reminds me of the ones my mom would bake for my birthday (I kind of miss that.) You're slowly taking over Martha Stewart's job, one baking class at a time. Keep up the good work!


Fritz said...

Hmmm, looks yummy and I think you have inspired me to take my baking more seriously from now on.