Friday, March 2, 2007


My mom gave some of the bread we baked yesterday to her employees and I think everyone genuinely liked it. Ben, my mom's right hand man said his wife wants to order some the next time we make it! Yes! I made about $3 lol. But I'm more concerned about the taste than the money. My boyfriend told me that last night, he made a sandwich for himself with the braided bread and he said it tasted SUPER good because it was so soft and moist. Yay! =] I think we both feel accomplished.

I'm still working on the pictures and posting the recipe. Ok I lied a little. I haven't even touched it, but I've been working all day so how could I? I need to make money so I can pay for ingredients and all that good stuff to keep you all at home happy.

By the way, it's March 2 which means it's Adopt a Plant Month. Hope you've at least thought about adopting your little green pet.

Plant Tip: Buy cheap plants! They usually require very little care and water, and they still look beautiful. -Sent in by Regina from Boston. (fine, that was my sister, but she's still a person with a tip!)


Regina said...

I did! I did adopt a plant! I got it Thursday, March 1st. I didn't set the date intentionally, that was coincidental. My coworker happen to have brought it in that day. It's got really pretty leaves. It's silverly green with reddish pink on the underside of the leaf. Can't wait until it's fully recovered from her cat's munching.

Regina said...

Oh! And congrats on baking some delicious bread! Mmm!