Monday, March 19, 2007


Ahh, the joys of adulthood. The DMV sent me a letter stating that it was that time of the year--Renew my car registration! Yipee. Oh well. I'm a bit of a procrastinator, so I did it today (about two weeks before the day it's due--they sent it to me about a month ago). Only this time, instead of paying the $55 (which is fine with me...) I had to take my baby to a test only station for a smog check. With the help of my boyfriend's parents, I found a little place with nice people and yay! My car passed. =)

Anyway, when I got to the dreaded DMV, my clerk was actually really nice. She smiled and laughed at me when my boyfriend had to point out that I was giving the lady all my tip money (I just gave her $15 in dollar bills, at least it wasn't the whole $55!). She told us about how the lady that collects the money in the back HATES coins, so everyone has to try to get rid of the coins "customers" (what would you call them?) away to other customers. Unfortunately, that lady got one DMV patron that gave her like $50 in coins or some large amount. Poor girl.

OK so that's not the point of this blog. Unless you're interested in my daily life. So out of all of this, I got a few tips! As you can see, those little registration stickers are pretty expensive (I paid $50 for the smog check and another $55 for the registration), so a lot of desperate and lazy people steal them.

Protecting your Car Registration Sticker

1) Clean and dry the license plate to ensure the sticker will, well, actually stick.
2) Remove the sticker from its backing and stick it to the designated area
3) With a blade, run it diagonally along the sticker in about 10 even strokes. Then repeat the opposite way making small diamonds
4) With the super glue, "laminate" the sticker by generously applying it over the sticker.
5) Allow to dry, stand back and admire your work.

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Regina said...

What do you do the next time you have to put up your sticker? How do you dissolve the super glue?

btw...You owe me and anthony some pictures and instructions young lady.

p btw...I had a weird dream about our camping trip last night....really really weird....

You and Vinny were in Boston and you guys said you wanted to go camping. And I told you guys ok, but I only have a week off so I don't think we'll get very far driving. And then you were like, "What do you mean? It only took an hour from our house! And of course we're gonna fly to LA first, then road trip it." Then I was like, "Oh, right." So I grabbed whatever I could out of my closet and stuck it in a bag and we were on our way. * destination* When we arrived, instead of getting a private cabin, we had to share a room with twenty other people! And when we tried to book another place, they said that they couldn't accomodate us! So we had to stay with the twenty people. *Shivers* It reminds me of the hostel days. Never again...never again.