Thursday, July 26, 2007

Mailing List

Before I go to sleep, I was thinking that I wanted to start a mailing list or something so I can contact you or just email you new posts or maybe an alert for when I post something new...or I don't know. Just to keep in touch. I hate myspace so I prefer not to use it simply because well, I don't really know how to do things the easy way on there...I like email so I can do email.

Anyway, if you would like to join my mailing list, (don't worry, I won't sell your info and all that, even if I wanted to, I don't know how!) just email me your first name and email address to and I'll try to send you cool stuff.... I'll think of something I can do, but I won't send you annoying "promotional offers" so if you're worried about that, then don't.

If you know how I can send mass messages to my friends on myspace, then please email me about that too! Although I hate myspace, I'm willing to learn for my readers out there.

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Sheas' Angels Photography said...

you should consider facebook... its way easier to use then myspace and you can have discussions and updates and blogs galore if ya like. Im just a passerby.. I found your blag by typing in How to be do you have any cool tips on how to keep up with laundry.. or how to make laundry more fun!.. that seems to be an issue here!!